Nomination forms for the two elected positions on the Board

The three year term of office for the current Veterinary Surgeons' Board (Board) expires on 31 December 2021. The Veterinary Surgeons Act 1960 (Act) stipulates that two of the Board members must be registered veterinary surgeons who are elected by the registered veterinary surgeons in WA.

The Veterinary Practice Bill 2021, which will replace the current Act, was introduced to Parliament on 12 May 2021. This means it is likely this will be the last time Board elections will be held.

If the Bill and regulations are passed prior to 31 December 2021, then the newly appointed Board will not take office. If this does not occur by 31 December 2021, then the new Board will take office, but only until the Bill and regulations are passed, proclaimed and gazetted, at which time the new Veterinary Practice Board will be appointed.

Please note that under the proposed Veterinary Practice Bill 2021, the Veterinary Practice Board will be expanded from 5 tyo 8 members (4 veterinarians, a veterinary nurse, a consumer representative, a legal practitioner and a Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development veterinarian).

Nomination forms are available here.  Nominations close at noon on 23 September 2021.