House call veterinary surgeons and drug storage

All veterinary surgeons who store drugs at a private residence and operate as a ‘house call veterinary surgeon’ require a permit through the Medicines and Poisons Regulation Branch.

T: (08) 9222 6883 | F: (08) 9222 2463

E: [email protected]

Permit holders must comply with the conditions of this permit, including drug carriage and storage requirements of the Medicines and Poisons Act 2014 and associated Regulations. This includes storage of Schedule 8 drugs in a compliant safe. No drugs should be stored in vehicles overnight.

Schedule 4 and Schedule 8 drugs may only be stored at the premises listed on the permit.

A house call veterinary surgeon may carry these drugs away from this listed site, for the purpose of patient treatment, providing:

  • the quantity of the drug carried is a quantity reasonably required by the health professional for the treatment of the patients
  • the drug is in the possession of the health professional at all times
  • the health professional takes reasonable steps to protect the drug from being lost or stolen