Free online emergency animal disease training for clinicians

Emergency Animal Diseases are diseases of national significance because of the impacts they may have on animal health, human health, the environment and/or the economy. Veterinarians play a critical role in detecting, investigating, reporting and managing cases where an emergency animal disease is suspected, but for many veterinarians in clinical practice, the investigation and reporting of emergency animal disease is unfamiliar territory. With new diseases continuing to emerge, it is vital that veterinarians are on the look out for, and know how to investigate and report unusual outbreaks of disease in animals they are treating.

Emergency Animal Disease Surveillance Online Training is a free online training package for veterinarians that aims to provide a refresher on the significance of Emergency Animal Diseases, their detection, investigation, reporting and management.  The package includes 6 self-paced interactive case studies, each taking approximately 30 minutes to complete and featuring a variety of species including horses, backyard chooks and a dog.

This continuing education package was collaboratively developed with contributions from all of the Australian Veterinary Schools, IT partner Epi-Interactive and members of the veterinary profession.  Funding from the Australian Government’s Agricultural Competitiveness White Paper – the Government’s plan for stronger farmer and a stronger economy – and the Australian Biosecurity Response Reform Program has ensured this valuable resource is freely available to the veterinary profession.

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